Who we are

Who we are

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Since 2013 Stock Yarn Italy has specialized in the trade of knitting yarn in stock. We are able to offer a wide variety of winter and summer compositions, selecting only the best brands – strictly Made in Italy – and favoring blends of precious fibers: from merino to cashmere and alpaca for the winter season, cotton, linen and fine silk for the summer.

The quality and broad variety of our inventory, combined with highly competitive prices, are our biggest strengths, which make us a reliable partner for yarn stores, weaving and knitting industries. We are constantly available to our customers and suppliers, and despite our young age we have become a point of reference in the field of yarn trade, both in Italy and abroad.

Here at Stock Yarn you will be able to buy and sell quickly and with the confidence of working with a serious and flexible company. Our range of products is vast; the high frequency of purchases and sales allows us to always have at hand the best of national textile production. We perform an accurate and in-depth quality control of the yarns we market, to make available to our customers only the best that the textile market can offer.

We regard ourselves as being very fortunate to work – together with you – in a wonderful sector: Italian yarns are universally recognized as products of unparalleled quality, consistently feeding the global industry of fashion and haute couture. The demand for these products has in fact been constantly increasing, and we are ready to step up to the plate. We will be waiting for you at our warehouse to assist you with your yarn and textiles needs and to negotiate the best conditions – whether you are looking to buy or sell – in an atmosphere of professionalism and discretion.

our history and our future

The company originated from the initiative of two siblings, Anna and Mattia Casagrande, who decided in 2013 to capitalize on the long family tradition in the textile recycling sector. Breaking away from the family business, they developed a spin-off activity dedicated to recovering surplus and seasonal remainders of the knitwear industries producing for the best Italian fashion designers, and giving them a second chance in the stock market.

The wealth of experience and knowledge inherited from the family business, together with the ever-increasing demand for Italian-made yarn, have allowed us to grow and develop quickly. Gradually we have expanded not only the capacity of our offer in terms of quantity and variety, but also our ability to meet the needs of an increasingly varied customer-base, even from a geographical point of view.

The young and dynamic nature of our business model allows us to offer a flexible and rapid as well as professional and competent service. The solid basis of skills inherited from our family, which we further consolidated and expanded in these years of fast-paced development, has granted us the necessary credibility to maintain virtuous relationships with manufacturers within the major textile districts of the entire national territory. 

Only a few years since our foundation, we are proud to have become the reference point not only for knitting and weaving industries, but also for foreign importers and for the international retail of fine quality yarn. We guarantee our customers a product of high and consistent quality, selecting only the best Italian-made brands.

In our future we intend to continue affirming our company mission, which is the dissemination of the highest quality Italian-made textiles in the world, keeping the curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit that have characterized us since the beginning and inspired us to explore ever new channels of growth and development.

our ethics

Our company originated within the business activity involving our entire family over a time span of three generations. We like to think that this sense of tradition and familiarity is reflected both in our approach to business and labor as well as in the relationships we entertain with our customers and suppliers. Trust, respect and commitment are our core values, which inform all the dimensions of our company “machinery”.

Yarn is imprinted in our DNA, we have grown with it and we are fond of it, we treat it with care and great respect. Coming from the world of textile recycling, our ethics also consists in ensuring a sustainable disposal chain for our waste, always destined for regeneration. The desire to give a second chance to unprocessed yarn is what motivated the foundation of this company in the first place, and remains a priority for us.


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