Stock trade of stock luxury yarn and fabrics 

We are a reference point in the field of yarn trade, both in Italy and abroad. We guarantee the highest quality of the products by selecting only the best Italian-made brands and articles.

Stocks of fine cashmere and precious blends, selected from the best producers in the world, at extremely competitive prices.

We can offer a wide range of fine fabrics and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

In our warehouse you will find only Italian-made fabrics made: wool, silk, cotton, linen, viscose, denim, lace, velvet and many more.

Thanks to the rapid turnover and our constant search for new material, we are always in a position to meet our customers’ needs towards the creation of high-quality and exclusive fashion items, supplying yarn for weaving, machine- and hand-knitting, as well as fabrics for tailoring both in the national and international market.

The experience we have gained over the years in selecting only the best fibers and yarns becomes our customers’ greatest strengtyh, who are thus able to create a product that stands out on the market.

We are always at your disposal and we will gladly welcome you to our wareouse to satisfy all your needs.